Bosque Brewing

Gabe Jensen & John Bullard

In 2009, co-founders Gabe Jensen, Jotham Michnovicz, and Kevin Jameson set out to launch a company that was a precursor to crowd funding. After running model after model, they decided the idea wasn’t worth pursuing and were stuck with no feasible plan. 

One evening while Gabe was at a dinner party, he flippantly mentioned to a friend that one day he would like to start a brewery. It was her pointed reply, “why don’t you?” that set Bosque into motion. 

Having never brewed a single batch of beer, they decided that if they could produce a palatable beer, this would be a venture worth pursuing. So - they devoured homebrew books, purchased equipment and attempted their first all-grain brew. Looking back, the beer was terrible, but it was enough for them to fast track the inception of their brewery. 

It took two and a half years of research and development and the inclusion of another owner, Jared Michnovicz, for Bosque Brewing Co. to open for business on October 26, 2012. Bosque’s start-up loan from Accion unlocked the full suite of Brewing the American Dream services for the co-owners, who have attended Speed Coaching and received one-on-one advice from Jim Koch himself.

After celebrating their first anniversary, they moved into an aggressive growth phase that included multiple expansions in facilities, staff, and equipment. John Bullard joined Bosque Brewing in March 2014 as head brewer and later became a co-owner and Director of Brewing Operations. 

Since John’s arrival, they have opened locations in Las Cruces, Nob Hill (Albuquerque) and have a production facility under construction in Bernalillo. Finally, their packaged and draft product is distributed throughout the state in nearly 1,000 locations both via self-distribution and through a partnership with Admiral Beverage Corporation.

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