Flounder Brewing Co.

Jeremy, Daniel, and Michael Lees


Brothers Jeremy, Daniel and Michael Lees began home brewing in their tiny post-college apartment. Inspired by the bee-keeping business that their grandfather ran when they were boys, they discovered the unique flavor of brewing with honey was wildly popular among friends and family. 

Unable to qualify for a bank loan due to the risky nature of their business, they were referred to Accion for a loan to help with start-up costs. Flounder Brewing Co. opened in Hillsborough, NJ in 2013 as one of the first nano-scale breweries and only the 12th licensed brewery in the state. 

Today, joined by cousin William, they sell their signature Hill Street Honey Ale, named for the street where they were raised; Murky Brown; and Saison du Flounder. 

We collaborated with Flounder in 2016 to brew Devil’s Nectah, a cranberry honey Helles Lager made with Jersey Fresh honey from New Jersey and cranberries from Massachusetts.


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