Jim's Story


America is built on the dreams and triumphs of people who took a chance to pursue better – to wake up every day and do something that they love and champion others who want to do the same.

We, too, are born of that spirit of passion. hard work, and perseverance. Jim Koch started Sam Adams in his kitchen in 1984, when imports and domestics were the only option for beer lovers. In turn, he ignited a similar revolution, the craft beer movement, inspiring a whole new category that’s produced millions of jobs in communities from coast-to-coast.


In the wake of his success, and with a passion for supporting entrepreneurs who are in the place he once was in, in 2008 Jim launched a philanthropic program that embodies our pursuit of better called Brewing the American Dream.

Driven by the pioneering drive that made our country so very great from its inception, we have supported thousands of other craftspeople growing their own small businesses. Because as we see it, we’re all in this together. For Sam Adams, it’s not just about brewing a better beer. It’s about waking up every day to do something you love.

Do you have a revolutionary food & beverage idea?
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