June 2008

Jim Koch launches Sam Adams Brewing the American Dream in partnership with Accion in New England. Entrepreneur Carlene O’Garro receives first loan through the program.



  • Brewing the American Dream expands to include New York and Chicago as well as Cincinnati and Lehigh Valley, our two other brewing communities.


  • Brewing the American Dream starts lending tofellow craft brewers across the country
  • Brewing the American Dream Program goes National!
  • First-ever Business and Brewing Experienceship awarded to Roc Brewing Co of Rochester, NY and Woods Brewing Company of San Francisco, resulting in first two BTAD collaboration beers – 390 Bock (with Roc Brewing) and Tea Party Saison (with Woods Brewing).



  • Brewing the American Dream hosts the first ever Pitch Room Competition
  • Brewing the American Dream wins Gold Halo Award at the Cause Marketing Forum conference
  • Brewing the American Dream recognized by White House Summit on the Future of Corporate Service
  • Brewery Rickoli in Wheat Ridge, CO is awarded 2013 Business and Brewing Experienceship


  • Brewing the American Dream cited as a best practice corporate philanthropy initiative by the Committee to Encourage Corporate Philanthropy. Brewing the American Dream highlighted at Clinton Global Initiative
  • Sam Adams testifies at meetings of the US House of Representatives Small Business Committee about the importance of small business capital and the role of small business in creating jobs
  • ChuckAlek Brewery in San Diego, CA is awarded 2014 Brewing and Business Experienceship



  • Flounder Brewing Co. in Somerset, NJ is awarded 2015 Brewing and Business Experienceship


  • Sam Adams and Accion celebrate $15 million lent through Brewing the American Dream
  • Brazo Fuerte Artisanal Beer in Watertown, MA is awarded 2016 Brewing and Business Experienceship